Volunteer Champion of September

Meet Lupe!


In 2010, after attending Mass at St. Andrews Church, Lupe was approached by a faithful and regular volunteer of St. Francis House. “Can you speak and write in Spanish?” her friend asked. “Yes, I can speak Spanish”, Lupe curiously answered. “Great, St. Francis House needs you!” her friend said.

And that’s how it all started! Lupe came to help St. Francis House that following week on the Registration Team, helping to interview and register our Spanish-speaking clients. After several months, Lupe was asked to help in other areas, such as receiving, restocking the store, and organizing the food shelves. It became quite apparent that Lupe was the kind of person that could do many jobs very well and very quickly; even caring for our rose bushes became a skill set we admired!

Currently, Lupe volunteers four days a week and continues to help in restocking our clothing bank or “fills in wherever the need is” as she says. When asked why she enjoys volunteering at St. Francis House she said, “Well… it’s really two-fold. My ethic is to work because there’s always work to be done and I get to help people in the meantime. Plus, it keeps me happy and a happy Lupe is very good!”

When asked to recall a favorite memory of the last six years volunteering at St. Francis House, Lupe doesn’t have just one moment that comes to mind. “All the time I’m here is time well-spent.”

We are very blessed that Lupe spends her precious time serving alongside us.  For St. Francis House, every day is memorable when there is a “happy Lupe” on our team!