Miracle Makers’ Society

Miracle Makers’ Society

Since 1974, St. Francis House has been making a life-changing impact on those in need in East Pierce County. That impact is only made possible because of the generous donors that support our work.

A special acknowledgement to the Miracle Maker’s Society members who make a five year commitment to be a part of the mission and family of St. Francis House. They are truly the lifeblood of our organization! Their contributions make a huge difference in our ability to respond to those in need in our community, year after year.

You too can join our family of miracle makers by making a financial commitment at one of the following levels:

Saints $5,000 per year for 5 years   (approximately $417/month)
Archangels $2,500 per year for 5 years   (approximately $208/month)
Angels $1,200 per year for 5 years   ($100/month)
Sponsors $600 per year for 5 years   ($50/month)

If you want to help make an impact on peoples lives, click here to get started! If you would like to speak to someone about membership, please call Janel at (253) 770-6991, Ext. 22.

Our Family of Miracle Maker Society Members

At our Miracle Makers’ Breakfast on October 5, 2016, we welcomed the following new members into the Society. We thank you for your generosity and commitment to your community!

  • Anonymous Donor
  • Lowell Baird
  • Paul and Bev Cascio
  • Margaret Cockburn
  • Genesis Chiropractic Clinic
  • Lisa Howgate
  • Jack and Judy McMahon
  • Carol Mosher
  • Todd Van Cise
  • Michael Witsell

Below is a list of all current members of our Society:

  • Susan and Scott Adams-Provost
  • Gary and Mary Baldridge
  • Allen and Candus Barnum
  • Erik Barret
  • Marianne Bastin
  • Marguerite Boerner
  • Rusty and Cindy Bradeen
  • Johnny and Lorraine Budzak
  • Peggy Burrough
  • Jim and Shirley Clinton
  • Lisa Clinton
  • Sharon Coleman
  • Greg and Trish Dimmitt
  • Jeff and Sheri Dunn
  • Burt and Chris Ellison
  • Far West Technologies
  • Raymond and Barbara Frye
  • George and Eileen Heapes
  • Cliff and Marysusan Iotte
  • Randy Johnson
  • Celena Kathan and Rob Koehne
  • Ruth Kennon
  • Jeff and Jackie Kirsch
  • Ed and Isobel Knutson
  • Larry and Maureen Kramer
  • Emory and Nancy Lehman
  • Maureen Lucken
  • Leona Lytle
  • Alice McHugh
  • Terry and Susan Mattock
  • Lorna McCormick
  • James and Diana Noviello
  • Terri and Dale Olson
  • Olympic Landscape and Irrigation
  • Ray and Patty Ozanich
  • Scott and Merry Pantaleo
  • John and Cosette Gibson-Pfaff
  • Brandon and Amy Pierson
  • Nancy Polich
  • Rev. Dick and Mary Kay Randall
  • Elizabeth Reigle
  • Re/Max Honors | Lori Tetreault
  • Rusty Bradeen Trucking, Inc.
  • Tony Schneider
  • Peggy and John Shulene
  • Patty Summers
  • Gayle Stringer and Nancy Nickelson
  • Charles and Erin Van Winkle
  • Phyllis Van Winkle
  • Steve and Lori Vermillion
  • Jeff and Kennedy Weza
  • Sue Zech