Brightening Lives

This desire to help extends even to those who come to The Nook, our charity boutique on East Main Street.  Those who shop at The Nook often report going home with treasures that brighten their homes and lives.  One of them recently left with wonderful surprises for someone besides herself!

She had carefully selected Easter dresses for the three little girls who live next door to her.  “My neighbors are going through a hard time,” she explained.  “I am sure they don’t have any extra pennies for Easter dresses this year.”

Not only did this shopper have fun selecting lovely dresses, but she also had the joy of surprising her little neighbors with this unexpected gift.

This shopper is not unlike many other donors who look to St. Francis House for a way to brighten the life of someone else.  Whether it is bringing a new coat picked up on sale or offering the best of what is extra in their homes, their hearts seem full as they carry in their gifts to be shared.