Finding Purpose in this World

On January 23, 2019

Ann came to St. Francis House the summer of 2016 as a homeless client. She was struggling with addiction, and her mother and stepfather – at their wits end – had “dropped” her in Puyallup. The anxiety of being homeless in an unfamiliar city only accelerated her addiction. During this time, she fell in with a group that made her chances of recovery even more difficult.

Until Spring of 2018, Ann had a car that she used as shelter. She was often taken advantage of so others could share the shelter of her car. To say Ann was abused during her time in Puyallup is an understatement. Over nearly 2 years we saw her; repeatedly beaten and assaulted, she was as thin as a
rail and her hair was falling out in clumps. When she lost her car, she hit rock bottom.

Today, having successfully completed rehab and maintained her sobriety, Ann has started taking care of her past legal issues through court ordered community service with St. Francis House. She has also gained a healthy amount of weight, reconciled with her family and is now enrolled in the Bates Cosmetology Program.

St. Francis House has not only provided Ann with clothing and other personal necessities, but it has also provided counseling and encouragement, restoring her dignity and purpose in this world.

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