Miracle Maker's Society

Supporting the Mission

Since 1974, St. Francis House has been making a life-changing impact on those in need in East Pierce County. That impact is only made possible because of the generous donors that support the mission.

A special acknowledgement to the Miracle Maker’s Society members who have made a commitment to be a part of the ongoing work of St. Francis House. By becoming a recurring donor and contributing monthly to St. Francis House they are truly the lifeblood of our organization!

You too can join the family of Miracle Makers by making a monthly recurring contribution to St. Francis House.

  • $25 Provides: schools supplies, weekend meals and transportation vouchers
  • $50 Provides: new socks and underwear for children. Helps fund the weekly meal program. Travel vouchers to get to and from work. This also helps provide diapers, wipes and other newborn necessities.
  • $75 Provides: New shoes and coats, weekly for for families in crisis. Emergency Utility and Rental Assistance to prevent homelessness.
  • $100 Provides: Food for a family of four for one week. Propane to keep one family warm for one month.
Any level of giving offers hope for a better future to those in East Pierce County who are experiencing hardship.

If you want to help make an impact in your community, click here to get started! If you would like to speak to someone about membership in the Miracle Makers’ Society, please email patty@puyallupfrancishouse.org.

$25 per month

(approx. $300 per year)

$50 Per month

(approx. $600 per year)

$75 per month

(approx. $900 per year)

$100 per month

(approx. $1200 per year)

Make Miracles Happen!

ESL Student
back-to-school backpacks
emergency assistance, father & infant
emergency assistance
clothing for free
meal program