Saving the Holiday for Troy & Jennifer

On December 18, 2020

A young couple with their 2 small children knocked timidly on the door of Riebli House. “We were told we could get help here.” Then began the all too familiar tale of lost jobs that led to intermittent part time work, late rent and utility payments, delinquent medical bills and a car in need of repair.

Thomas’ eyes filled with tears of discouragement that go along with such experience. As he tried to express his shame and despair, his 8 year old popped up and said, “We have the best dad in the world and we have the best mom too! Can you can help them so they won’t be sad?

After sending the children into the kitchen with the supply of coloring books and crayons, a staff member chatted with Troy and Jennifer. Thanks to the generosity of our donors at Saint Francis House we were able to help catch them up on their rent and utilities. When I explained that they would be able to find Christmas gifts in the clothing bank and that we would be able to help them with both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners,  Jennifer began to sob. “We have been so sick with worry,” she said, “but you have given us hope that things will get better. I can feel that God is in this place.”

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