Awesome! Awesome!

On October 2, 2013

“I was told that you might be able to help me,” the young man said hopefully.  “The DSHS office sent me here because they said that you might be able to give me a gas voucher.  I just found a job and I need to be able to get to work.”

As he shared his story with the staff member who had come to meet with him, it became clear that Jeremy had had some unfortunate experiences and was trying to pick himself up and move on.  When he was handed a gas voucher, Jeremy looked at it with wonder.  “I had no idea that anyone would help me this way,” he said.

The staff member noted his worn shirt and jeans and explained that he could find other clothing in the clothing bank.  Jeremy’s eyes grew wide.  “You mean I can get free clothes here, too?”

Guessing that the young man might be short on food, the staff member went on to tell him about the St Francis House meal program at the National Guard Armory.  At this, Jeremy’s eyes grew even wider.  “Are you saying that I can even get food?”

Upon leaving the office, Jeremy shook the staff member’s hand warmly.  “This is an amazing place!” he said.  “Not only have you helped me get to work, but I will look good and have energy besides.  Awesome! Awesome!”

Thank you to our donors that help continue to inspire the gratitude of others like Jeremy who need just a little extra support. We extend to you our heartfelt gratitude along with theirs!

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