Making a Mother’s Day

On July 19, 2013

It was the Friday night before Mother’s Day. The clothing bank was bustling with families looking for warm weather clothing. Ten-year-old Adam and eight-year-old Susan anxiously motioned to a busy staff member. She followed them to the far corner of the clothing bank where the children had hidden some precious items.

“Could you please let us take these as extra items?” asked Susan. She held up a vase of beautifully arranged re-purposed silk roses and daisies. Adam presented a small plaque that read, “All moms are the greatest, but my mom is the GREATEST of the greatest”.

“Our dad doesn’t live with us anymore,” said Adam. “And our mom is very sad and cries at night sometimes.” Susan piped up, “We want to make this the best Mother’s Day ever!”

After helping the children put their gifts in a safe place, the volunteer approached their mother. She explained to her that a donor had contributed a ham, a bag of potatoes, and a $50 gift certificate to Fred Meyer. Could she use it?

The young mother’s eyes pooled with tears. “That would make a lot of meals for us,” she whispered. “Thank you!” The family piled into the car a short time later, each wearing a happy smile and holding a precious secret.

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